Free online violin tuner

Easy to Use. Just mouse-over any tuning peg and click. For best results be sure the volume is up on your computer as well as your speakers.

Violin tuner courtesy imusicschool

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Tuning your violin and tuning your fiddle is one of the most important things for a beginning student to learn to do, and the first step to successful violin or fiddle playing. If your violin is out of tune, you will never sound good, no matter how great a player you are. Our free online violin tuner is a great tool to help you learn proper tuning and to train your ear to perceive true pitch. If you are new to tuning your violin or tuning your fiddle please read carefully the following. It is possible to harm your instrument by not properly tuning it. The following is intended to help you minimize the opportunity to harm your instrument.

Tuning your violin is a process that takes time to learn, but gets easier with practice. You have to develop an "ear" for the right tone. If you play a note and it just doesn't sound quite right, you may be out of tune and you will need to "tune up". The good folks at the Childrens Music Network provide excellent information about how to properly tune a violin.