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Benefits to Retailer

  • Unique learning aid that finally meets consumers needs.
  • The product line carries a High Profit Margin (HPM). Increase revenues.
  • Excellent add-on for instrument sales, rentals, accessories, and impulse shoppers.
  • A great inexpensive P.O.P. closing tool.
  • Compact packaging allows for easy display and ensures problem-free inventory.
  • FREE! Your first bulk order comes with its own hang-strip display, ready for installation, at no extra cost.
  • Fretless Finger Guides® sister products have a proven track record in the guitar industry.
  • Generate return customers by selling more sheet music for color-coding.
  • Easy, secure on-line ordering.

Benefits to Consumer

  • Fretless Finger Guides® are made of high quality, long-lasting clear cling vinyl.
  • Products use no glues or adhesives! Easy on, easy off. Won't harm instruments finish.
  • Sticks to itself, not the instrument. Stays securely in place.
  • Professional grade, silk-screened color-fast inks. Won't smear or smudge.
  • Accurately accelerates finger memory.
  • Does not affect tonal quality or playability.
  • Color-coded learning method uses bright colors and note names.
  • Simple to read note indicators make it easy to find the correct note in the correct location.
  • Unique color-coded note indicators help students learn to read music and play songs quicker.
  • Students can color-code their own sheet music and learn the songs they like.