The Fretless Finger Guide® for
Half-Size Violin
with a 287mm (approx 11.3")
scale/string length.

This is the original Fretless Finger Guide®. The Half Size violin fingering guide shows the natural notes, sharps and flats for the first five intervals in first position. This Guide has helped thousands of students get started playing violin.

first position violin finger board marker for half size violin from Fretles Finger Guides

  • Uses no glue or adhesive
  • Install in seconds
  • No need to loosen strings
  • One piece, reusable clear cling vinyl
  • Better than violin position marker strips or violin finger tapes
  • Unique color coding helps you learn to play songs
  • Accurately accelerates finger memory
  • Does not affect tonal quality or playability
  • Sticks to itself not your instrument

See how easy it is to put the Guide on your violin.

See how easy it is to use the Fretless Finger Guide®.

This Guide works best with Half Size (1/2) Violins that have a string length (or scale length) of 287 millimeters.

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